Note from the directors

We wanted to tell a story set in the eighties and we wanted it to have its own sense of heightened reality. We also wanted to capture the spirit of the time and pay homage to certain genres of film from the era, but these also needed to play nice and fit within the world of these specific characters and their respective arcs. And of course the music was going to play a massive role. Numerous Easter eggs have been placed around the set for the eagle eyes as well. Heading into this production we knew it was going to be a big undertaking. This is a big show.

This is a production that has asked a lot of its young cast. But we also have a group of young artists with a lot of talent and drive. They have pushed themselves, as we have pushed them as well, to find new levels of performance and stage craft and are blown away by the results. We hope you are too.

Lastly, we need to give a special mention to a team of people that have given a lot of time to helping make this show not only possible, but have lifted the quality of the presentation to new levels. Stacey Barlow, Sarah MacKenzie Sussie Crook, Ada Cattarinussi and Emanuel Lazarescu, your hard work and talent has created an engaging set, costume and production design went above and beyond what we could have hoped. Logan Hodgetts, I’m certain when you stepped into this role this year you had no idea what was going to go with it. But you have become an invaluable member of the team and there is definitely no way that this production could have happened without your involvement.

Jen Simkus, Peter Thomson and Mia Scrocca, thank you for giving up your time and providing your talent to lift Bubblegum Dreams to that next level. You are all wonderful.

Aleah Close, I brought you on to help run one of the most technical shows we have ever put on, I don’t think anyone truly knows how hard your job is, we are super impressed. Thank you for giving us you time to allow this show to be rehearsed to the degree it has.

And to our wonderful cast members, we enjoy working and watching you live your passion. We are so proud of each and every one of you.
You all rock!

– Daniel Ryan & Alfie Scalia


Stacey Barlow
Sarah MacKenzie
Sussie Crook
Ada Cattarinussi
Emanuel Lazarescu
Aleah Close
Logan Hodgetts
Jess Court
Raluca Lazarescu
Mandy Macinkovic
Simone Gregurke
Lisa Farinosi
Renee De Crespigny
Veronica Mitrakas
Jennifer Simkus
Peter Thomson
Mia Scrocca
Emmanuel Carella
Nancy Waqairatu